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Background Checks & Vetting

Your trusted security gadget vendor

Your trusted security vendor

Background Checks & Vetting

We are your trusted partner for comprehensive background checks and vetting solutions. Our services encompass a range of crucial checks to ensure the integrity and reliability of your workforce:

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Service Overview

  • Employee Document & Information Verification: Thorough verification of employee documents and information to confirm accuracy and authenticity.

  • Work History Verification: Detailed checks on an employee’s work history to validate past employment records and experiences.

  • Educational Background Verification: Verification of educational credentials to ensure qualifications are genuine and relevant.

  • Criminal Record Check: Screening for any criminal records to maintain a safe and secure work environment.

  • Biometric Background Checks: Advanced biometric checks and vetting procedures to provide detailed insights into employee backgrounds, ensuring a verified workforce.

Our comprehensive background checks and vetting services are designed to give your management team confidence in the reliability and credibility of your workforce. Reach out to DBreeze Protection Services today to strengthen your workforce integrity.