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Security Training

As a company, we prioritize security and safety first, which gives us an edge in our protection service delivery. Our trainings include but are not limited to:

  1. Comprehensive security trainings
  2. Corporate security trainings
  3. Personal security trainings
  4. Security awareness training (employees, executives, VVIPs)
  5. Situational awareness training (employees, executives, VVIPs)
  6. Health and safety trainings
  7. Workplace violence prevention trainings
  8. Workplace crime and deviance trainings
  9. Security risk analysis and management
  10. Enterprise security risk management (ESRM)
  11. Crisis intervention training
  12. Crowd management training
  13. Hostile environment awareness training (HEAT)
  14. Crime prevention through environment design training

You can call on us for your specific desired trainings and we would be at your door steps

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